let the lights....fade

April 20, 2012
By xandermendoza SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
xandermendoza SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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let the lights fade
no dimmer
yeah forgetting the meaning of light
and learning the dance of the dark
baby we don't need light to feel
for me to put my hands
feeling you
your arms
your hands
and who knows maybe something else
let the lights fade
shut the lights
i like the dark better
dancing in it with you
exploring it with you
i feel the warmth of your breath
its cold, so let me find a source of heat
baby i feel your hands on me
I'm starstruck
warmer now
baby the lights are a thing of the past
lets dance
lets create art with our bodies
until we are worn out,tired
until we are out of breath lets dance
in complete darkness

The author's comments:
i felt like in the mood for a more intense kind of poem, maybe because i was listening to Rhihannain the other tab? :0

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