Faith Breaks Your Fall

April 20, 2012
By PandaBear PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
PandaBear PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
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They say life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass
It's about learning how to dance in the rain
But what if the storm turns into a hurricane
And you forget how to dance
What happens when no one tells you what you need to hear
What happens when the pain won't wash away with the fear
What happens when the tears don't stop
And you can't find the place you once were
You can't remember how it felt to be happy
Blind sighted by the suddenness of the dark
He flipped the switch off
Sucked all the light out of you
And your looking for a place to hide your misery
Because no one wants to hear you cry
And you can't find a way out of the house
The doors are locked and the lightening strikes
You can't run through the maze
Dead ends creep up on you like the lost memories and the thunder roars
Your heart takes another blow
And it seems like eternity when the tears finally slow
And you catch your breath
Ignoring and trying to get up out of bed
As you realize there are things to do
Your life never seemed so confused
And your wondering when the next storms gonna hit
Sudden and without warning
It strikes you down and laughs in your face
You can't take the pain
And you can't play any more games
Tired of running and pretending
Circles keep bringing it back
You realize the maze is just a box
Getting smaller and darker as you cry out to the emptiness that was once his heart
Trying to find a way out of this place
But you want him back again
The pain seems worth it, for just one more glance at what could have been
But the fear of his knife
Brings you back in
Because you can't stand another hurricane again
You can't remember how you ever felt before
Memories are fading
But it seemed just like yesterday
And the pain is staying
It's not going away
And you look for someone to tell you it's gonna be okay
Nothings changed
Your the same
But your heart beats on a different pace
And it just can't keep up with the race
It's not possible to blame
You pointed the fingers so many times
And fell up short because you couldn't find any reasons
It was no ones fault but time
And if your gonna point fingers
You look in the mirror
And realize the person looking back at you has changed
Someone you can't recognize anymore
The mask stares back at you
And you look for the old
But all you find is the new
A face of pain and insecurity
Confusion and worry
Doubt and deception
The only one keeping you down
The one who won't let you forget
The one who makes you remember
And your back in the circle
It seems never ending
And sometimes you just wish none of this happened
None of it
Including the beginning
When it seemed the sun would shine forever and nothing would tear apart the smile that was planted on your face
But something did
You know everything could be forgotten
And you could pick yourself up
Shake off the fear
And walk without him
But the pain of what could have been lingers ever present in the beat of your heart
Like looking through a foggy window
You can't see anything anymore
The tears and the pain still blurr the future
And you are scared of the past
Scared of where it's going to lead you
But through it all
Faith always breaks your fall

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