Buried Treasure

April 20, 2012
By PandaBear PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
PandaBear PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
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You know, I still haven't learned
I'm still digging that same hole
Over and over
Expecting to find something at the bottom
But I make the mistake of always looking in the same place
When I dig, I dig deep
Hoping to find what I've been looking for
Hours and days I spend
Hoping that if I can't get out, it will be you who will help
Who will give me your hand, and pull me back out
But I'll give you this, you've never failed
Never failed at always leaving at the time I need you the most
The times when I've dug in too deep, you're not there to help and pull me out
But I've realized, I've been wishing on a shooting star, in New York, where the lights are too bright to see the sky
I've thrown my penny into a wishing well, that's gone dry
I gave my heart to you, but your hands were full
I miss the old you, who for a second, taught me what love really is
But really, I've just been digging a hole trying to find buried treasure,
That really was never treasure at all

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