Just you

May 2, 2012
By Anonymous

To the part of me thats full of tears
Fears, and all alike
I hope one day you'll see the light
Joy shining & it feels so right
To who I've become
I can only say, I hope you're happy now
Find yourself, lose yourself
Smile, make it all profound

To the girl I never knew
You're beautiful you should know
I never tried to connect to you
Lets change that all right now

To that one special guy
Who's always on my mind
The day when you will know
Will be the day I throw all fears aside
And then its raining love

To the person I swore I hate
Truthfully, I dont hate you
Its simply jealousy, hurt you see
I'll no longer waste my thoughts on you

To the mystery inside of me
Dreams, hopes, everything
Hateful words mean nothing
THESE words are solid, I know it now!

To the teacher who changed my life
I'll never forget---you
Inspired me, gave light to me
Showed me everything wisely

To the person
Who did so much and I
waved it all off with one hand
Never did understand the kindness in your heart
Wish I realized it from the start

Then there's you
Just you <3

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