Bad luck

May 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Could one person reach a bad luck limit?
If so I would be in it.
It all started in the beginning of the school year.
Where my mom made a car dent, which was pretty severe.
I went to the police station, and she followed me there.
She was drunk and that too gave me a scare.
Then she left the station, which was a bit of relief.
Until I saw the head of police.
I asked him his name, he said call him “Sarge”
He said she’s getting,
an Assault with a Deadly Weapon charge.
I have no regrets, she deserves what she got.
I looked her up that night and saw her mug shot.
Then I realized that the situation was rather large.
So I decided to drop the charge.
As months pass still with my dented car.
I get pulled over going 8 over on the radar.
The cop checks my insurance says it forgot to be paid
My mom stopped paying for insurance and they towed my car away.
300 dollars to get it out.
I can just here my wallet make a loud shout!
Then I have to pay 230 for insurance just to wave another ticket off.
No money came from her, not a penny at all.
Then comes the registration that she never completed.
It was impossible to find the guy as if he was deleted.
There is another ticket, money down the drain
My mom is going to make me just like her, halfway insane.
Me and my dad tried fixing the dent.
But it turned out to be a waste of all the money I spent.
Because when my dad opened the trunk it made this clatter.
Before my dad realized anything my back windshield shattered.
All that money went down the drain.
Outside I show nothing, inside I’m in pain.
Whatever this bad luck is hopefully it’s no more.
Hopefully god has something better for me in stores.
I keep praying and praying looking for signs
But I keep looking and there is nothing to find.
As time moves forward hoping to get better.
But this bad luck is like water, I keep getting wetter.
Once school gets out hopefully things will change.
My bad luck and good luck will hopefully rearrange.
But for now I just wait sitting in class.
Writing these poems, waiting for time to pass.

The author's comments:
well im not a poet...not at all actually. But we are doing poetry in English and i decided to do a poem about my here you go. dont judge me about how crappy the ryhme scheme is im just telling a story about my life.

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