Daddy, Daddy

May 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Daddy, Daddy
Please let me go
I’m so tired
And I just don’t know

I’m so confused
And I’m very scared
Daddy why are you hurting me
When you’re supposed to be the one that cares?

I’m scared of you
I want to run and hide
But you only let me
Right by your side

Will you ever stop?
You’re slowly killing me
And my world is fading
More than you can see

My face is bleeding
My wrist just aches
I’m screaming in pain
And my heart just breaks

But you, you selfish excuse for a dad
You only want what you want
And that’s that!!!!!

You make me sick
You make me tired
I always panic
And I have no desire

You’re the worst father
In this world
So why did you bother
With this little girl?

Daddy, I’m done
I just want to die
I want to run and run and run
But you only ever let me cry

The author's comments:
I was abused as a little girl. Nothing hurts worse than that! It tears at you and makes you feel like nothing...but in the end its so worth it to find out that you are worth something; something so much bigger than you could ever know! Enjoy:)

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