In Case You Need a Friend

May 4, 2012
By Anonymous

I look across the cafeteria, and I see you
Smiling, laughing, eating lunch with your friends
I thought I was your friend
We used to have fun, you and me
We would talk for hours about our hopes and dreams
I never really liked talking about boys
But I would still listen to you when you told me about your latest crush
On weekends we would go into the town
We’d see the sights and maybe get some ice cream afterwards
I never really liked going shopping
But I would still always go with you to buy those frilly dresses you loved so much
And now you’ve left me, discarded me like a piece of trash
You have new friends now
You betrayed me and hurt me
But I still keep a seat open for you at my lunch table
Just in case you need a friend

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