A Nice Warm Bed

May 4, 2012
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Last night I dreamt of flying, soaring high above the trees
The coolness energized me as I drifted on the breeze
The world raced by below me as I soared into the sky
A rocket man, an astronaut, a boy with magic wings to help me fly
I flipped and turned and looped-the-loop until I was dizzy in the head
And then awoke, well rested, snug inside my nice warm bed

It would be a busy morning, as my calendar implied
Mom and I were heading to the city, about an hour’s ride
We were helping in the kitchen, not the one were Grandma bakes
This one was for the homeless, and we would help for goodness sake

Outside the hall the quiet broke, as the masses shuffled in
A woman dressed in dirty garb, a man with a toothless grin
Outcasts of society, the poor and in despair
Looking for a simple meal, for the world to show they care

Before leaving for the evening, cleaning up from dinner’s mess
A stranger approached me, what he wanted I could not guess
He bowed his head before me, a simply thanks for doing my part
His quiet words not eloquent, but his message from the heart
I never saw that man again, he left happy and well fed
I only pray that he went home, and slept snug in a nice warm bed

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