Roller Coaster

May 7, 2012
By LiveLaughLoveWriter BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
LiveLaughLoveWriter BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Standing there, heart pounding
Head spinning, sweaty palms
“Why an I doing this?”
This is not going to end well

I step in the cart
My stomach turns
A thought of regret
The bar comes clamping down

Here we go…
Climbing and creaking
My anxiety gets worse
I feel like I am going to explode!

Get me off
Tick, tick, tick
Get me off
Tick, tick, tick
Reaching the peak
Get me off
And then dive

And then… I feel like I am the King of the World!
Even though I’m only a girl.
My fears disappear
I might actually enjoy this
I feel as I am on top of the world!

Going up and down the hills
Laughing and screaming
Searching for air!
I turned to look at him
He might actually be scared

Into a curve we go







The metal wheels start grinding and turning

A screeching halt!

I smiled and turn to him

“Wanna go again?”

The author's comments:
I love going on roller coasters, and I just got into writing poems.I read someone else's poem on roller coasters, which is basically what inspired me to write this. I don't like the beginning and the endings okay. But the rest I feel confident in.

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