May 7, 2012
By MegySunshine BRONZE, Kamuela, Hawaii
MegySunshine BRONZE, Kamuela, Hawaii
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The car pulls around the bend.
Worn shocks meet every bump
in the dry, red dirt road.
The air presses down,
a wool blanket
smothering life; the
arrogant sun refuses to yield.
Spindly trees fold gnarled limbs;
old men bemoan all the world has
come to
but put up no resistance
as the dusty road finishes
its wearying task,
coming to an end.

Everything is still.

A new master is revealed,
a great power defying haughty sun
and bitter old trees.
Like a sacred, wordless hymn,
the endless expanse of purity
stretches out
before you, sparkling blue
beating against the dark stone
in roiling patterns
of foaming azure and cerulean.

Heartbeat and breathing
seem to fall in time with the rush
of the sea. Dazed,
step out into the water,
smooth algae
squirming underfoot.

Caught between
blazing sun and
ancient sea,
hugged by vast sky,
eyes close.
Simply breathe.


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