Forbidden Love

May 7, 2012
By Anonymous

No one will ever understand why I love you,
there's many overwhelming and unexplainable reasonings.
Something about you sets off a glimmer of good feeling in myself,
something I've never felt before,
its something I wasn't prepared for.
You make me feel different waves of emotions,
I feel loved, wanted and cared for.
These days I can't stop smiling,
and its all your doing.
When I'm upset I want to talk to you.
One message from you makes me feel better,
while giving my heart a little closure.
When I'm happy I want to talk to you,
because I know you're the reason behind it.
You're not just funny, nice, and all of those things.
You're caring, you care about me in a way no one has,
you make me feel special.
You've blinded me from the world's darkness.
With you, all I do is be happy, see things positively,
and smile.
Because with you nothing truly bad can ever happen,
you shield me from a cruel reality.
You've led me to realizing everything happens for a reason.
There is a reason for why, you are my forbidden love.
Forbidden love, forbidden love; one day our time will come.

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