Run, we run

May 7, 2012
By Stephano BRONZE, 123, Montana
Stephano BRONZE, 123, Montana
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Pictures of people, on the wall.

I'm pretty sure I know them all.

Thy are people I've always known.

They are my brothers and sisters

that will always be my own.

As a see them I want to run.

And take my own step to on my own.

And so I run.

I find I'm chased,by trial

And tribulation.

And so I run.

I’m chased by anger

And by hate of myself and others.

And so I run.

I find a path,

That might just take me where

I want to go.

And so I run.

I find im lost ,

And want to go home.

And so I run.

I see my family.

Waiting on the porch with open arms

And so I run.

Together we can do things right

We can succeed in this life.

And so we run.

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