I Told You So

May 7, 2012
I told you
That I told you so
I mean really,
Did you think you'd get away,
With saying something
That hurt and burns
You messed it up, not me,
Don't blame me.

I told you
That you couldn't really make it,
That you couldn't really climb?
But did you believe me;
No, you were too stubborn,
Too pigheaded, so you did it anyway,
And now look where we are,
Just look at this.

Oh please, you know as well as I
That in one, five, fifteen, twenty, forever,
We'll be dust forgotten,
That's how it goes, you know,
I told you so.

If you can make a difference,
Kudos to the temperary,
It's still only temperary.
What, you think that
Writing, those words that you adore so,
Could ever be extraordinary?

Please, you are just a child,
I am the judge and jury,
And I told you so.
I told you that because you were fat,
And you had glasses, and you read,
And that you wrote, and you had a mother,
And a father, and all your friends - none of them true,
I told you that you'd die, and so will you,
I told you so.
I told you so.

But you say that I was wrong, ha!
You're still grasping at straws,
Silly, still grasping at straws,
I told you so.
I'm the judge and the jury.
I told you so.

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