To Change The World

May 7, 2012
By Lindsay Rossum GOLD, Annandale, Virginia
Lindsay Rossum GOLD, Annandale, Virginia
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Overflowing power of influence
Of our generation to rise up
To take a stand.
Against hate, discrimination, against evil,
To force them out of the world.
As the windmill turns, we can
Create a serene place.

Painful tears will be lifted,
Hurt will just slide away,
As the breeze offers a new call.
We see new hope for the chances
To thrive in this life,
Overcoming the struggles
That shouldn’t define who we are.

We can turn the tides,
Conquer the impossible,
Form a tranquil place.
Keep peace with all, be that change.
To be the ones standing up proud
Spurring the windmill to move its wings
Replacing old with new forevermore.

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