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April 10, 2012
By ricardo lara BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
ricardo lara BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
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are what represents me
i try, i try, i try
never giving up
i love the dark
as much as the cold no dimples but i wish i did
many pimples but i dont want them to happen
i hate to match colors
almost as much as i hate converse
vans are my life
and so is soccer
from brazil, portugal, or germany is where i wish i was
but no, i was born in america
im the best liar there is and was
i also hate animals that go buzz
i hate the color yellow
like i hate golf
my hair is a black as a raven
while my favorite colors are as brigh as the sun
gel is my bestfriend
just as vans are
i cant live without my phone, ipod,k gel and vans but a day without soccer would be like a decade under nazi rule

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