Too real to be a dream.

May 4, 2012
The crane lowers itself down from the tall building it resides on.

It's long arm slowly makes it's way down. Down. Further and further. It's large claw protruding from the arm begins to block out the sun, giving the area around me an empty area of shade. Void of light.

As it makes it's descent people begin to panic. But I stay. I don't move. I don't make a sound.

But once the claw has made it's way completely over my head, showering me with total darkness, I begin to wonder: What have I ever done?
Do I even make a dent in the life of someone?

I hear the creaking of the rusty arm, a few screams, and i swear that right before the claw closed in on me and a small pocket of light was shown through, I swear i could see the operator's face from way up high on the building.

His body in the head of the crane, controlling it with his nimble fingers.

I swear, I saw him smile.
And then it was gone. His quiet smirk. Gone.

It was all gone. I felt no earth around me. No pavement under me. No air filling my nostrils.

Just darkness.

After everything, I guess you would think I would try and fight. To break free from the claw's industrial grip on me.
But I didn't.

I could feel the sweet touch of something on the back of my neck.
Maybe it was blood. Or sunlight. Or death.

Maybe it was my memories escaping me.

Maybe it was nothing.

I saw darkness. My ears couldn't taste the sound of the world anymore.

I was gone. Taken from my life. Did anyone notice? Would they ever care enough to care?

I give up and close my eyes. At least wherever I was going,
I knew, was going to be better than where I was.

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