How to Loose a Bestfriend

May 4, 2012
By RoseG BRONZE, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
RoseG BRONZE, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
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When the summer ends, promise that no matter what happens this year, you will always be there for her
Pray every night you will be in all her classes
Wait for your heart to shatter when you get your schedule and see you have no classes with her
Walk the hallways of school alone, occasionally passing her, talking and laughing with her “new” friends
Become intimidated by the way they walk by you
Roll your eyes and look the other way

Watch her take away the friends you used to share
Realize there is no one there for you
Understand you have no one to trust

Tell her you are drifting and you miss her
Try not to be shocked when you hear how she agrees
When you ask her to hang out, listen to her pathetic excuse
She always seems to be tired or have too much homework
Become angry when you hear another friend tell you how much fun she had yesterday with your friend that was just “too” busy to hang out with you
Realize she doesn’t care, but don’t give up

Watch her text her other friends when you are trying to tell her something important
Stop telling her important things
Wonder if you should give up
Cry because you have no one to talk to

Think of ideas that will make you friends again
Look back on old pictures of you when she used to be glued to you
Pictures of you and her at the beach
Pictures of you and her at sleepovers
Pictures of you and her as babies
Question what happened to that special bond

Wait for her response to your text
Come to realization that she isn’t going to respond
Delete her number from your phone to avoid further depression

Remember all the advice she gave you, “Stay strong”, “Don’t let it bother you”
Attempt to give yourself the advice she can no longer give you
Understand you have no one to give you advice

Cry until your makeup has been smudged by your tears like sidewalk chalk gets washed away by the rain
Look at yourself in the mirror
Observe the mess running down your face
Become conscious to why you are crying
Be aware that crying won’t fix anything

Sit home alone all weekend, exhausted from crying
Try to make new friends
Realize that no one will ever replace her
Hold back all tears and keep yourself from crying

Wonder where you went wrong
Question what you did wrong
Reflect on the past two months and how fast they have gone
Recognize how the impossible can become possible
Understand it does not take long to lose your best friend

The author's comments:
Life sets us up for things we arent always prepared for.

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