Coming Out

April 5, 2012
By Anonymous

What if you were gay?
What would your friends say?
Would they treat you a different way?
Return your truth with hate?
Would you rather compromise?
Than stand up and fight
For your personal right
To exist in equality
I used to ask myself, what would happen if I came out?
Would it erase all my doubt?
My fear?
And pain?
Would hateful words people say
Be silenced, and put away?
No, although, there is hope.
When you finally find your piece of mind
You discover yourself free and undefined
No one else changes
But you yourself come alive
And your true friends will reside
Right there by your side
Even if your own mom and dad
Are condescending, judgmental, despising, and mad
You will survive
So hold on to your gay pride
When the ones that are supposed to love you
Abandon and destroy you
For being who you are
Know that there is hope.

Hello, I’m Gregory
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: not f*****, not flamer, not queer but gay, and you can refer to me
Not by my preference but my name.
We gays are here to stay, so to all those that have a
Problem with it, you need to take a day and ask yourself what if I were gay.
Looking at the way you treat others, I know you wouldn't want to be treated that way.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my diversity assembly at school, and basically told my life from me coming out as a homosexual in public.

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