No where to go but all night to get there

May 4, 2012
By musiclover97 GOLD, Elkins, West Virginia
musiclover97 GOLD, Elkins, West Virginia
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"Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew."
"Writing is art to the blind, music to the deaf, comfort to the broken, and emotions to the expressionless."

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if tomorrow never came? If instead of waking up in your bed, you wake up in the morgue? Shivering. Your pale skin sticking to freezing metal. Your chest has switches in the form of a Y reaching from your collarbones down to your belly button. You panic and feel for a pulse. Silence. You are dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. There's something about that word that won't let you rest. How can you be dead? Or maybe in the middle of a broken street that is spitting blazing shards of lightening at you? Chaos everywhere. People running all around you. Children and grown men alike screaming cries of help... But no one is there to calm them. The sky is a watery charcoal color. The ground is rapidly cracking under your feet. You're in shock. You wonder what's happening. You reach out to touch someone sprinting by... And then... You realize. They can't see you. You don't exist. You are only a figment of your own imagination but how? You scream but not even you can hear anything but silence now. You look around with the new perspective that you don't exist. Nothing is in sight. You start walking in an undetermined direction but you can't feel the ground, there is no ground. Have you wondered what it would be like if tomorrow never came?

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