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May 4, 2012
By Maryah Buck BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Maryah Buck BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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What is it?
You wonder
You ponder
You get no where
Time and time again
No response
You’re left there looking mindless
Your pain pouring out of
You like a fountain of
Your confusion
When you think
About it
Your body is a waste land
For pain and desperation
Your soul has disappeared
No one seems to notice
You’re hurt again and again
Everyone knows you’re hopeless
Dig deep down to free yourself from this
God said to forgive
If he forgives all
why can’t we?
I have started a lead in life
It’s called happiness
In order to do that
I forgive
All that hurt me
Pulled each little tiny pin outta my heart
I got a mop took care of that pain
Wiped it all up
I just need people to respect that
Do me a favor
Don’t blame yourself
I’m working on me
Trying my hardest
It not just for me
It’s for Denzel too
He is the reason I forgive
I am free
God wanted me too
He spoke to me
Some day you will
He’s been calling you for years
To just forgive

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