Marital Bliss

May 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Of love, what is the fear?
Commitment in itself always being a human scare,
Never wanting to be tied down,
But love completes us, or so it has been said,
However I have seen little proof.
Let us consider the blushing bride,
Who has somehow turned pale,
Her perfect white dress hidden in the darkness
Thoughts running through her mind, none making much sense,
She thinks back to a bleak time,
She was just a child then,
Chubby hands over her eyes,
Tears falling,
An unstoppable waterfall which was all too familiar to her,
“Mommy and daddy keep fighting,
Too busy hurting themselves to help me.”
She promised that she would never end up like that,
Love would mean more to her than yelling,
Now, fear building inside moments from her marital bliss,
Ready to run as fast as possible from the one she gave a promise to,
A promise to say “I do,”
I feel as if I will never know if two people can be happy together, forever.

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