Defying Gravity

May 4, 2012
By lizzykeys22 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
lizzykeys22 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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I want to defy gravity.

Why must it be what goes up, must come down?

See, that doesn’t quite motivate me,

Cause I’m not stayin' on the ground.

Like a bird, I'm gunna fly.

You can’t cage me here forever.

I won’t let life pass me by.

I’m gunna live by my dreams, never say never.

And though it's only falling that teaches you to soar,

I see so unhappily,

I could do some much more,

If only I could defy gravity.

The author's comments:
My Language Arts teacher gave us an assignment to write a poem about a saying, somehow including it in one fo the lines. I choose "what goes up must come down" and this is what came out of it.

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