Dial Tone

May 2, 2012
By photogirl16 BRONZE, East Lansing, Michigan
photogirl16 BRONZE, East Lansing, Michigan
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Quick cold bite of the smooth metal teeth
Releases the glistening orb
A cool sweet release
A breath long held bursting through my chest
My heart flutters
A momentary liberation from life’s cruel grip

Let rivers flow, tracing downward
Coloring my pale void canvas
Let the waves crash through my brain cells
Tarring away his memory

The phone hangs limply within my fingertips
The dial tone burning through my fragile numbness
Questions remain unanswered
Promises crumble into a think dust
Swirling into a choking storm

My throat swells and the heat races across my body
Up each leg, in every crevice
Tracing each breast fiercely
As my very body rejects his touch

Tile floor press against my hip
And frosty tentacles creep into my flesh
Trembling I battle to breath
As a dark loathing rises within
“Hold me, one last time, and I will be able to stand”

But with a gasping final breath
I hear his reply . . .
As the dial tone fades

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