May 2, 2012
By photogirl16 BRONZE, East Lansing, Michigan
photogirl16 BRONZE, East Lansing, Michigan
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Wisps of rage consume them as this beast of haunting emotion
Takes all the necessary steps to achieve its revenge
Naked, with the quick red spreading gracefully through the stark white snow
Its creeping tentacles reaching out into freedom
Mangled skin peeled back to reveal the pulsing stringy mass
Faceless, identity torn from his very flesh, what was a man fades from our world

A feminine figure, slender waist-ed, with moon flecked cheeks and painted supple lips
Stone set bones jet from a transparent frame wired together with fragile elegance
A salty crescent traces past her cheek, arching down the jaunting chin
It falls mixing with the bloody mucus, a life draining slowly
Liberated from the elongating ache

A greedy giggle escapes from the malice growing into a dark lustful manic
The coveted emotion of two, flesh intertwining in a sweaty desperation
Torn apart twisting savagely in an executionary flounder
A man, a woman and a ghoul have entered
And only a woman leaves
An echoing promise threatening survival
“Tomorrow, my love?” “Yes, tomorrow”

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