May 2, 2012
By kittykurse BRONZE, Altamonte Springs, Florida
kittykurse BRONZE, Altamonte Springs, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning how to dance in the rain." - anonymous

And with wings that took flight so easily,
And with wind that gust so full,
I'm on my way to a better life-
One that isn't so cruel.
One that consist of love;
Of joy, and fulfillment.
One that will give me a sense of better days.

And when I'm standing on top of the shivery mountain steeps from above,
I'll be proving you wrong and give others like me a shove.
Because once your little wings take you away,
The decisions, the choices, they will be made,
And some of us will make some mistakes.
But we all must-
Take in what we can take,
Give what we can give,
And learn what we can learn in life.
We all must live;
but It's our decision to live happily.
We can not let life gust by so rapidly.
Just let your wings grow,
Let the winds steady surge take you away;
Just go with the flow.

I will finally push away my the mistakes I've made to this day,
And fly higher than any mountain top that may come to me in any way.
And no matter what the dismay-
I will keep on flying higher;
Higher than the clouds up to where I can touch the sun.
Where I can feel the warmth of its beams onto my face,
I will be filled with so much grace.
So much love and joy,
I can be happy now that my life will not be destroyed.
Thankful, now that I have made the right choice.

Life can easily pass by,
but what is the point of life if you just live in a bunch of lies?

The author's comments:
This is about my hard struggles in life and how just making the smallest better choices can make a difference in the end.

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