The Day Dreamer

May 2, 2012
The car base vibrates the floors
it all seems so unreal
that I am still here
and they keep asking me for more

They throw up their gang signs
and I'm stuck in the middle
belonging no where and to no one
like a bird I can fly away from here one day

My dreams are bigger then this place
but none of them get it
they want me to stay around and be one of them
but my heart is ready to soar

They fight for what they believe in
but I know I should stay away
it still draws me in
and I watch as they do what they do

The way we talk is different
its not slang but at the same time it is
in many ways I am one of them
but at the same time I know I will be free from this

My dreams are bigger then what they will ever know
I day dream as the talk and do stuff I will never
they ask me what I think
but I never really hear them

I soon forget what they teach me
cause I know I will never use those skills
everyone says that I am different
but my dreams will never come true

I am the day dreamer
thinking of far off places that only seem like a fantasy
I will one day be able to fly away
cause I am the day dreamer

I see the birds flying so free
and I wish to be with them
but the people around me
say I will never be able to fly

But they can't say much
to stop me from dreaming
cause I am the day dreamer
and I will fly

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