May 2, 2012
eye's that cry every night
nightmares keep me awake,
i see the face that brought me down and took innocence away.
every day something reminds me and i almost fall apart.
i was so young
i will never understand why you ripped my world apart.
selfish hands
greedy eyes
i was much too young
threatend me with your life
years later i'm still breaking
innocence lost but not forgotten
i was never a child again
you shattered me
you were supposed to be my friend.
i depended on you, relied on you
you didn't have the heart to care.
i grew strong and i marched on
nobody understood why with men i was scared.
they did not know but it felt as though nobody really cared.
i finally told
your locked away until you are old
but it doesn't ease the pain this heart,
because one thing is true
the past cannot be changed.
and i am still afraid

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