Trust Issues

May 1, 2012
By sararose BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
sararose BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Can you ever truly care about someone if you don’t trust them? Honestly, what is a relationship without trust? Is trust something that has to be built or does it exist until it is broken?

Brutus’ tragic flaw was his tendency to over trust others. He soon found out that not everyone was as morally sound as he thought. In other words, he was naïve to the real world, world of greed and deceit. The two, more often than not, going hand in hand. In the real realm of society, people can cheat, steal, and lie.

When you trust a person, you have faith in their appropriate behavior. You count on the fact that they keep you in mind when making decisions that would affect you. I trust that my best friend will tell me everything and keep my secrets, but I have been let down and cannot be one hundred percent sure she’ll keep promises.

Who can you trust with all your heart on earth? I’m sure there is at least one person whom you can think of, but there is no way of knowing how faithful that person really is, especially in a world where lying is considered easy and acceptable.

Now God, well God can be and should be trusted completely, with all your heart. Even if it feels like the whole world has turned its back on you, trust in this: God loves you every single day of your life. When you mess up, when you do things you regret, when you are joyous, and when you think no one is there to care. He is by your side. He always wants to hold you in His arms and you know everything will be okay. Trust that you will be safe in His arms.

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