Sweet Nothings

May 1, 2012
By , Mansfield, TX
The music faded away,
floating like a flower's petals,
stripped away by a windy day.

Left behind was a cold metal,
and in that metal, there was silence-
blessed silence, cursed silence.
The world wept and grieved at the silence,
nostalgic for the day a song had swept it away.

Reality is an intangible dream,
Slyly, it slips from my finger's grasp
I have fallen into a dream within a dream-
and in this dream within a dream,
I have found your mask.

Floating fingers caress ivory keys,
coaxing forth soothing sounds, sweet nothings
Alas, nothing but a joyful memory-
At once, both crushing and inspiring.

Like a moth is drawn to light, so you are drawn to song.
Why do you let the world ache at your silence?
Why do you....clench?

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