May 1, 2012
I run away
With nowhere to go
Creatures chasing me
Their teeth at show

Grabbing at my feet
Like tree roots in my way
These monsters will probably get me
If I trip, they just may

The creatures full of greed
Trying to steal my life
But I lock it in a chest
And Fight them with a dull knife

The creatures are surrounding me
Their faces all around
They claw at my body
And bring me to the ground

The rest is just a blur
The creatures must have won
But then I open my eyes
And see the Shining sun

My head is in gruesome pain
I can barely hear
I feel the side of my head
There is blood by my ear

I must have fell on the run
Hit my head on a rock
I look over and see a pool of red
And I fall down in shock

I think I am okay
But in excruciating pain
At least the creatures are gone
I know I'm not insane

I know this nightmare
It can't be real
So I get up to walk
But fall to a kneel

My strength is gone
My body is sore
Ill never make it home
This I am sure

I can't help but to look
A sound that I hear
It makes me jump
It pierces my ear

It was just a dream
Why should I worry
Then I remember the creatures
I heard of in the story

No, its just a dream
And my body is just sore
But then I hear a familiar sound
One of the creatures roar

I look down
And see the red slashes
Then looking up I cry out
When suddenly my life Flashes

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