May 1, 2012
What is marriage?
A slip of paper with two names on it?
But when it comes down to it
It is so much more
Than a piece of paper.
It is proof, a promise
It is a man telling a women
That he loves her
But who needs proof?
Isn't the spike of your blood,
The race of your pulse,
The electricity of each tender touch,
Isn't that proof enough?
Skip the extravagance
For a woman to believe a man?
When he says she's his
Love, his world, his life; his everything
Can't she just take his word for it?
Can't she just feel it?
You'd think a slip of paper
Was the key to happiness.
If you love each other,
Does it take a piece of paper
To make it true?

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SuNshiNe007 said...
May 8, 2012 at 8:10 am
That is a very good question, does it? My opinion is, I dont think it does cause if you truly love someone you shouldnt have to have a piece of paper, their love should be enough. Great job on this poem!:) I love it! Keep it up!!
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