Diabeties and a 15 Yearold

May 1, 2012
By Dee-Jay BRONZE, Sandy, Oregon
Dee-Jay BRONZE, Sandy, Oregon
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Diseases are the worst things on the planet. Not only do they destroy your body, but they eat away at your soul, testing your temptations to the limit. February 2006 was when I caught my test of temptation. Diabetes.

I was 10 and I was in this residential home called Parry Center. I had just moved from the “Little Kid” building to the “Cool Dudes” building in a area called “Cheetahs.”

I started to drink massive amounts of water at night, only to urinate five minutes later. It wasn’t long before I went to my medical therapist or something and he said I had diabetes. I thought I was dreaming, hell I even said that, all he could say was,
“ Nope It’s not a dream.” From that moment on, no longer could I eat good food like pizza, sugary foods like ice cream or pumpkin pie. Diabetes is a condition where your pancreas, which is an organ that pumps insulin to regulate blood sugar, stops working. I have the worst type, which came from genes. I am a Type one brittle Diabetic.

I have to exercise more often; I can’t sit around and play video games all day because it slowly lets my blood get too high. All I want to be is to be normal again; I wanna be the Derek that I used to be. I wanna eat what all my friends eat. I wanna be able to do what normal people do. But I won’t! I will never be that Derek again. I wanna go back to the life I used to live.

I am Derek anyway, just in a different way, this experience helped mold the way I am. It never is you unless you have these experiences. It is your mold and the inside only matters to what’s close to you, and almost nobody will know, so its all in the outside. I want everyone to know this.

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