April 27, 2012
A princess of my kingdom
Vast and rich
That is who I am
Compared to my family, I am special
The future I can prophesize
Bestowed upon me by Apollo
Then twisted into a curse
By my rejection of his love
Disastrous futures are what I see
A curse that will last until my final breath
My predictions will never be believed
Accurate or not
No one will consider
I was satisfied at first
Until my worst prediction came
The coming of Beauty
With Beauty came War
With War came Destruction
With Destruction, Death followed
Like a butterfly
He flitted from person to person
Now I stand in Athena’s temple
Watching the fall of my kingdom
Many futures I witness
Some survivors
Some captives
Even my own
Sealed by murder
The knife wielded by a jealous queen
So I continue watching the discord
I know my fate
And willingly await it.

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