Northern Star

April 28, 2012
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I look around myself
and I see ones who are lost.
They cannot see the glory of stars above,
but only a blackened sky.
They believe where they are
is where the pain will heal.
They don’t seem to realize
the mask that has been formed.
It hides the hurtful truth,
the truth that their healer
is actually their murderer.

It pains me to watch,
to stand by and observe,
while those who used to be happy
are torn down by the one they “love”.
They’re trained to believe
that this is the way it is.
They do not see the sinking ship
until it has already floundered.

What happened to the love?
What happened to the emotion?
What happened to the feeling
of being loved by another?
It has been replaced by lust,
and the feeling of a quick high.
They hide their pain emotionally
by exciting each other physically.
They don’t even know each other,
and yet they sleep in the same bed.

What happened to purity?
To treat one’s body like a temple.
Not to just throw it away
as if it was simple garbage.
We were taught
to treat others with respect.
Not to take what we want
and not think of the consequences.
So why not apply that
to those we care about most?

What happened to the one,
the one to raise you up,
the one to help reveal
the person you long to be,
the one to stand by you forever
even in the darkest night?

I remember back when,
when things were easier;
when you loved someone
they were always by your side.
And you wouldn’t even dare
to hurt them.
You wouldn’t lay a hand on them
unless it was a loving gesture.
And you wouldn’t see them cry
unless it was your shoulder they were crying on.

I only wish that those who are lost,
lost within their own darkness,
could find their way
and find their northern star.

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