Ambitious Guy

May 3, 2012
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School is so hard sometimes.
He's not going to lie.
The homework overwhelms him.
He just wants to die
This ambition in him

Is what makes him strive to succeed.
But darn can he get a break?
He just wants to sleep forever sometimes and just never wake.
It's easy to say, "Oh, he's such an achiever."
But with pressure like this he knows you'll never believe him

He tries really hard because he can.
What part of that don't you understand?
With times like these, money is tight.
But this guy's got big dreams.
They're about to take flight.

He works really hard and yet he's so humble.
Sometimes it feels like his world's going to tumble.
With all of this stress and all of their teasing.
Just falling apart, it seems so easy.
Quitting sounds nice

But he'll never give in.
He's in it for life.
He's in it to win.
He's got inspiration from all around.
In his friends and his family,

He finds common ground.
He does it for them.
And he does it for you.
For those just like him,
Bet that's something you never knew!

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