School Life

May 3, 2012
By Erica Ellis BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Erica Ellis BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Wake up at 6:30
Stay in bed for twenty more minutes
It is now 6:50 and I do not feel like getting up
I get up anyway and think

Thank God it is Friday!
Are there going to be any special events?
Or is it just a regular schedule today?
I hope it is a special event
The day will go by much faster

I walk in the door by 7:37
Eight more minutes until I have to be in class
I go up to the second floor where my locker is located
Pass by teachers and friends
Then there it is, locker 280
Get my books for chemistry
It is now 7:41
Four minutes left

Going up to the third floor
Sit at my desk
What am I going to learn today?

Please, let this day go by fast
Unfortunately, it is a regular schedule
Classes are super long…
At least I have friends that will help make the day go by faster

The author's comments:
I was inspired to talk about my school life

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