Light Fades

May 3, 2012
By miiichhellee BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
miiichhellee BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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A sunny day
With a clear sky
It’s a time of happiness
No time to cry

The sun shines bright
While the birds all sing
There is no pain around
No bees here to sting

The day is innocent
But clouds begin to show
It’s time to sit back
While the breeze starts to blow

The storm rolls in
Mighty and strong
It’s easy to see
Sunshine doesn’t belong

As the light fades
It is time to see
Everything is not
As it should be

Caught up in the storm
The beautiful day has gone
The playfulness has ceased
Innocence is just wrong

The storm comes to an end
But by now it is night
It is difficult to know
All that is right

The gorgeous spring day
Has ended for now
The performance is over
Time to take a bow

As the world becomes quiet
We all should know
Another day like this
Simply won’t show

Everybody needs those moments
To give thanks and breathe
Happiness seems permanent now
But even this has a time to leave

Enjoy the sunshine
While it’s still here
The moment it leaves
Is something we all fear

The author's comments:
It is a comparison of the journey through life and a sunny day. We often get caught up in the activities and busy life as adults, and we lose our youth before we know it. this piece is about taking moments to appreciate life, and to see that there are many stages.

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