Gumdrop Moutain

May 3, 2012
By Keldan98 SILVER, Cisco, Illinois
Keldan98 SILVER, Cisco, Illinois
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A bright sun shines

On the wet green grass.
The leaves are falling
On the bright pink castle.

As a unicorn comes galloping
Over gumdrop mountain.
The fairies were preparing
By getting their magic ropes ready.

Over 200 years of fighting over the pink princess.
The unicorns and fairies never came to an agreement.
So the giant green frogs are taking over the castle.
Who's going to save the princess?

The fairies and unicorns met at the top of the mountain
The fight is about to begin,
But Mr. Rainbow and Ms. Flutterbutter come to an agreement.
The first agreement in 200 years.

They agreed that they would fight the giant green frogs together.
And protect the princess
The unicorns galloped the fairies on their backs
To the bright pink castle

When they got to the castle there were more frogs then they expected.
So they got everyone in the kingdom to help.
They got the giant butterflies, bunnies, and caterpillars.
They were ready to fight the frogs.

When the frogs say everyone that was fighting,
They took off in the other direction
They fairies and the unicorns shared to castle from then on.
And the princess was saved.

The author's comments:
amazing piece by me and one of my friends

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