On Dating an Olympian God MAG

May 3, 2012
By molonlabe SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
molonlabe SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
Be the person your dog thinks you are

Can we be pirates? I want to sail the world
And plunder. I will teach you how to pull
In the jib and tack against the trade winds

No, but you can take the top sheet off our bed
And paint a watercolor map to wonder about

I want you to teach me how to dance, I
Might step on your toes but you can hold me
Like the girls you twirled for cotillion

You are my debutante. I will turn on Schubert and
Spin you until you fall down laughing from the
Blood that rushes through you. Doctors used to think
Hysteria was in the blood, I know. But
This is ours. I want to climb an apple tree
And collect the highest fruit in my dress

No. You must stay on the ground with me and think about
What is out of reach. If you fell I would have to catch you.

I need a dog. When you go I don't know
How to be alone, and Virginia thunder
Scares me. This longitude is unfamiliar

You can have a dog as big as a horse to keep you safe
But I will always be your protector. I promise to scare
Away all the sea gulls and telemarketers.

Will you take me to an artist? I want
To be remembered parallel to your
Favorite things. Hang me over the hearth

You are my mantle. He will paint you in wings
Sitting next to me. I will smile at the celestial
Beauty your eyes possess

I will be always be Daphne in this
Greek myth. Take my laurel wreath
And declare yourself a victor

The author's comments:
A conversational poem between Daphne and Apollo.

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Arcenciel said...
on Sep. 8 2015 at 2:43 pm
Very good! Have you tried for publication?

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