Why Care For Me?

May 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Why create a walkway for me? Why take the time? Why even care for me, when I don’t care for myself? Why withstanding emotions? Why fight through mine? How can you be so nice to the person that it hurts for you to love? There’s only obstacles that never seem to be won. After those obstacles there’s just more waiting on the other side. Why in the world would you let yourself go through such things? When I think about it I’m not sure if I can do all that with you, but you can do it for me? The most I can do is say I love you and that’s never enough, well at least what you deserve from me. So, why can’t I be just as forgiving and loving as you can. Well, the answer would be in the question. I’m not you so my love will only be shown in ways that I can fathom. So, my love can only be seen if you were able to see my thoughts and I don’t think anyone can do that. So if you ever have that doubt about me being actually in love with you rather than just having love for you, try to think of how this started in the first place. If I didn’t want you and I didn’t care for you, why would I have tried so hard in the first place?

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