Orange at 7

May 1, 2012
By , Austin, TX
Orange at 7

What rhymes with orange?

Well I don't know

I was sitting watching la novela de las 7

while I was eating an orange

I got to think, what rhymes with orange?

Ponge, corn, maybe even sponge.

I was looking at the orange,

it is the same size as a baseball, and like a lemon,

I could throw it at my sister

and she wouldn’t have noticed.

When I opened it,

the juguito came pouring down

it was orange, maybe that same liquid was inside a basketball?

Then I thought of what orange rhymes with,

and it rhymes with derange.

Because there is no other word that could rhyme with it

Maybe thats why oranges don't taste good in Vegetarians mouths.

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