You are strong

April 26, 2012
By horses1308 SILVER, Ephrata, Pennsylvania
horses1308 SILVER, Ephrata, Pennsylvania
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Feeling broken
no where left to turn
stuck in a never ending cycle
just waiting to return
Pain so deep inside

I feel the need
to hide
A lie
is that all I am
this mask I wear
never growing thin

I feel
so lost and alone
sometimes wishing
sometimes wondering
when will freedom come?

Will I ever be free
to just be me?

My burdens hang
over my head
like a thousand ton weight
just pushing me down

I want to believe
but how?
when I can not even see

I feel blinded
by thoughts and heartache
tearing myself apart
and its just my fault
from the start

Crying out
to You above
can You even hear?

I'm feeling lost
with no where to go
I'm desperate for a sign
a way to go

Why me?
Why now?
Why do I have to be strong?
Cant I be weak?

This life is so bittersweet
I need a sign
I'm calling out
please come rescue me
I don't think I can take much more

I need You
I need Your presence
I need a shoulder
I need a prayer

Be with me please
I need you Lord
I'm at my breaking
and I cant keep faking

My true face bared to You
O God
I need some help
I need Your hand
guide me along
through these troubled times
for I am weak
but You are strong

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