Make It Come True

April 26, 2012
By Cortney.Lynn GOLD, Hughesville, Pennsylvania
Cortney.Lynn GOLD, Hughesville, Pennsylvania
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People always say, “Fallow your dreams”
Did they fallow theirs?
You can fallow you dream for the rest of your life
But does that mean you’ll ever reach it?
Shiny little dots in the deep dark sky
Impossible to ever reach
Some nights you can’t even see them
How do you know a dream’s a dream and not just
A wish
Your imagination wondering
You always hear kids say I’m going to be
A doctor
A firefighter
The President
A policeman
Are those their dreams?
Or are they just fantasies that kids put into their head when they’re young
How do you know you grow out of that?
Is the dream you have now the dream you will have in a few years?
Since it’s the dream that’s meant for you
Then you would think you wouldn’t have to go chasing it
Around the world
It should want to come crawling to you
“fallow your dreams”
They should fallow you
Be right there beside you
Your best friend
Helping you through everything
To help you become your own dream
Dreams change
But when you find that one perfect for you
Lock it in your heart
And make it come true

The author's comments:
My dream is to be a writer, but sometimes that dream just seems so far out of reach...

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