Don't Forget your Coat

April 26, 2012
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Put on your coat
My sweet one
It’s rough out there

I made that coat
Just for you
It took me
All those years

It’s perfect now
To keep you safe
Through all the storms

It’s rain proof
For the stubborn words
Trickling softly
At first

It’s wind proof
For the rush of judgments
Knocking you down
Without warning

It’s hail proof
For the cold looks
Heartlessly barreling
Your way

It’s insolated
For the icy comments
Chipping at
Your soul

It’s neutral
For you to blend in
Instead of always
Standing out

For your heart is
And your soul is
And you are
My sweet one

I know you care
Deep down
Where the words
And judgments
And looks
And comments
That make you my sweet one
Are dismissed at first
To later be
Stored and stacked
So carefully
On top of your heart
Tipping violently
Threatening constantly
To collapse

Damaging the base
The sole support
Far beyond mend

So please wear that coat
My sweet one
The weather’s harsh
Zip up.

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