All Skin Bleeds Red

April 26, 2012
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Blood is always red

When it breathes the air
Grass is always green

Under summer’s kiss

His skin may be different colored
She may only look through one eye
And he may love another man
And she may want to die.

Words can be more than words

They can also knot the noose

Words can be more than words.

They can also heal the scars.

Her face may be charred
His legs may be mangled
And her mind may be autistic
And his rope may be tangled.

Tears are always tears

No matter the color of the eyes.

Hate is always hate.

No matter the victim of cutting words.

A smile is always a smile

In any language it is spoken.
All our blood is always red

No matter the color of the skin that has been broken.

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