The Sun Has Disappeared

April 23, 2012
By kirifox BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
kirifox BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"May the force be with you" - Yoda

It seems that I’m running forever in a blank world.
The color of black appears to be endless.
Can you hear me calling? Calling for you?
My voice carries out into the vast sea of emptiness
Can you hear me screaming? Screaming for you?
Your name bursts out like a speeding bullet, my throat becoming raw
Or have I become a ghost to you?

The silence of no reply drives me to insanity.
I fall to my knees and feel the emptiness start to fill in my beating heart
I can feel it in my chest; my heart has been imploded by a feeling of nothingness
Where are you?
My mind is scattered like broken glass
I need you.
Don’t leave me here on my own.
You left me here on this boulevard of broken dreams
Speak to me.
I don’t want to hear the sound of lonely wind.
Be near me.
Help me feel whole again.

Without you, a part of you is missing within me like a missing puzzle piece under a dark bed.
I can’t breathe, I can’t speak, and I can’t live.
Without your warm embrace.
To protect me from the laughing, cold-hearted villains of the city
I’m vulnerable to my reality, a living nightmare. The monsters of life seeking out my weaknesses and feasting upon my fears, I cannot continue to go on.

I can’t feel anything. I am cold as a lonesome grave, lifeless as a corpse, and fragile as a broken heart. Until your warm lips of life press upon my cold lips of death shall I step out of my casket walking this earth my hand in yours.
But for now, I am ten feet underground with tear-charred cheeks.

The author's comments:
I really like writing about heart breaks and emotional things. I really have no clue why. But I do like to reference like characters from movies and shows. Like in their point of view

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