When Will i Be Free?

April 23, 2012
When will you let me out of this cage,
I'm suffocating in rage.
That I will never see you again and burn in my acid tears
that stain my eyes red.
Tell me now and promise it with deep eye contact
that i will be free and never will see black.
That i will met the angels, well not in cage.
That life as we know it will get better; it will change.
That these people are not hungry and their tummies are full.
Their smiles are bigger than the suns itself.
That true love has found everyone a perfect pair.
That days of hard work, torture , and fear bring me luck , wealth , and the air to live a long a life to not worry where i am.
How can one live if one if not free?
To escape to there imaginary.
Is yes indeed what to do to live in thoughts and perfect world too.
To sleep and sleep the days away
forget love and the price you can pay.
forget about violence and crime
focus on you in heavenly rhymes.
Trust within other people to hold your deepest thoughts.
to be you , so no one will judge.

I hardly worry about being free,
Because i worry about you.
Which is all i need to be happy.

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