Beginning from the Ending

April 23, 2012
By seaboundheroesdaughter GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
seaboundheroesdaughter GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
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I came
because i promised you i'd come
because i've always kept my promises
(even to you)although you've
accused me otherwise.
You say you're better than me
yet you never once let me down in
failing ot follow through.
You need to hear this
-what i have to say-
before you're gone: it's the truth
i always tell.
You say you're better htan me
yet i'm beginning to think
everything you told me is a lie.

I came
because your mother needs help coping
and they all need comfort
( as if i'm the one to give it.)
You know he loved you
no matter what-even now he loves you-
and you left it to me to save them all.
You say you're better than me
yet you chose yourself over everyone else.
You could have gone for help,
everyone wanted to,
but you said you were stronger than us alone
and you convinced me
after telling me you'd never lie.
You say you're better than me
yet i've never been afraid to be rescued.

It feels wrong
standing here telling you
these things
with you so open and raw
while i on the contrary am
closed off closed in
as untouchable as
an ice empress.
You fooled everyone
even me at times
though you said i was
you're best friend because
i saw through you.
You said you're better than me-
i used to believe you.

The author's comments:
I originally was writing something else with this poem but then it wrote itself using my hand.

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