I like it this way

April 23, 2012
By , Nokesville, VA
When I ask you if you’ve missed
me, you ignore me.
The truth is, you don’t care.
Inside you’re a broken man
And I like you this way.

You drown your pain in drunkenness.
I drown mine with sex.
You have no morals.
I’m trying to lose mine.
I want to be with you,
But you don’t see that possibility
And I like it this way.

When I’m around you,
Your voice lacks excitement.
I blame myself for our fights.
Your moods. Your problems.
Your pain.
The reason you don’t sleep.
The reason you drink.
And I like it that way.

I like it when you ignore me.
It comforts me to know that
I’m an obstacle you have to avoid.
Even if you pretend to, love me.
I don’t mind if you hate me.
Just show me that you love me.
Help me to remember that I exist
And I’ll like it that way.

You make empty promises
and I embrace the disappointment.
There are things
I can’t explain about you.
Like how you raise more
questions then you answer.
And you like it this way.

There are days that I don’t hear
from you and I still believe
you’re faithful.
There are days that you don’t even
know your own name
because it has been far too long
since you were sober.
And we both like it this way.

You put up a good front.
You know you’re attractive
and you know how much I care.
But inside you’re a broken man.
And I like you this way:
Angry, broken and drunk.

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