We Can Work It Out

April 22, 2012
By ThatGuyOverThere SILVER, Missoula, Montana
ThatGuyOverThere SILVER, Missoula, Montana
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I can't believe that
 I Still have have to deal with this 
I thought we talked about it
And got over this bit

I guess we are just
Too far from perfect
But when you just up and explode?
It just makes me want to get 
Up all in your face
And I know that
it really 
Should never ever be that way

Maybe it's simple fate
Some kind of vicious circle
That we just can't seem to escape
You get mad, then I attack
Till we're at each others throats
We just need to take a step back
And flip back though our notes

Maybe then we can break the chain
And take a break from all the pain
That seems to fill our lives
Each and every single day

Cause I know that I love you
And I hope you still love me
And what ever we go through
I think we're still a team

Yeah, I hope we're still a team.

The author's comments:
I guess this piece is really about the fights my parents sometimes go through, and how I used to feel about them when I was younger.

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